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"FIESTA" by Michelle Murphy-Ferguson
"FIESTA" by Michelle Murphy-Ferguson
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"FIESTA" by Michelle Murphy-Ferguson

"Fiesta" by Michelle Murphy-Ferguson is a 10x8 oil painting and is framed.


 Artist's Note: Born in the Northern California, Humboldt County mill town of Scotia and growing up surrounded in the natural beauty of the Eel River Valley has all had a very inspirational influence in Michelle's paintings. Her work is done where air, water, earth, light and often her subject's movement change around her as she works on canvas. You will see those subtle nuance's of nature, weather and expression in her paintings. She has been an artist in residence at the Morris Graves Foundation Estate and strives to capture the elusive spirit of the Northwest as he did during his long, illustrious career.     

Michelle has studied with well established and acclaimed artists such as Tamara Callens, Stock Schlueter, Kathryn Stats, George Strickland, Kim English, Brian Blood, Dan Pinkham, Daniel Gerhartz, and Ray Roberts. She was also lucky enough to spend two months studying abroad in France, Germany and during that time a two week stint at the Angel Academy of Art in Italy. Many of her works have been shown in prestigious and national shows. She has attended six of the Plein Air Magazine’s Convention and Expos. and has said from watching masterful artist's demonstrate and lecture that “There is so much information, styles, methods, and techniques being shown that..an artist is always learning no matter at what level he or she may be…painting is an on going process.”  

Gallery Representation:

Casa Design, Calistoga, CA.                                               

Studio S Gallery,  Eureka, CA.

The Crown Jewel,  Jacksonville & Ashland, OR.        

Professional Memberships: 

American Impressionist Society 

California Art Club

Humboldt Arts Council

Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Association

Monterey Bay Plein Air Painting Association

Representational Art League

Redwood Art Association