HBGF Auction

"HOME BEACH" by Barbara Caldwell

"HOME BEACH" by Barbara Caldwell

"Home Beach" by Barbara Caldwell is an 11x14 oil on canvas.


Artist's Note:  I retired from a career in nonprofit management in 2014, completely unaware that I would discover my love for art soon thereafter. And once I did, all that right brain activity was soon replaced with an obsession for learning more about how to transform paint and paper into a work of art. 

I've worked in several mediums over the past five years, including watercolor, pastel, acrylics and oil. I also like to scour the local thrift stores for old jewelry to use in my upcycled line of barrettes, pins and pendants. 

But my current passion is oil. The two pieces I've submitted for this auction are both in oil, and both painted on location in plein aire. One was painted during this year's event at the gardens. It's fun and sometimes frustrating to paint on location. The fun is just being outdoors in such beautiful places, and of course in making art that others can enjoy. I also have regular opportunities to paint outside with other artists, several of whose work is also in this auction. Painting on location can be frustrating though, when you can't find the right color, or when the light changes dramatically with time or passing clouds. But the positives always win out, and there are always new adventures in painting just around the corner. 

This is my first year contributing to the HBGF event, and I look forward to many more. Thank you for your support of the gardens and all they bring to our County.