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"PATH TO THE ROSES" by Nancy Rickard

"PATH TO THE ROSES" by Nancy Rickard

"Path to the Roses" is a pastel on paper by Nancy Rickard and measures 5x7.


Artist's note: Painted mostly plein air with some finishing done in the studio. Spent a lovely day in the Humboldt Botanical Garden.

Artist Bio: Nancy Rickard, I am new to the art world, having picked up pastels less than two years ago and I have not put them down yet. I have always loved color, so pastels give me that opportunity to express myself through color. I paint exclusively with soft pastels, and I'm mostly self-taught. I am a member of the Representational Art League and various Pastel Societies. I prefer to paint out on the landscape, although I do have a studio shared with my painting and life partner Paul Rickard.